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May 29, 2013
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Kankri x Reader (SOFT LEMON) Age? Just a Number! Part 14

Kankri was busy cooking a meal for the both of you. You watched with keen eyes, the food’s aroma was mouthwatering. Kankri noticed, he chuckled. “Do you want to lick the spoon?” He asks blushing heavily, your big (Eye color) eyes spark with joy. “Yes please,” you smile, Kankri leveled the spoon to your lips, he watched closely as your tongue playfully licks the spoon. Some of the liquids form the spoon fell on Kankri’s finger; Kankri moved his finger close to your lips.
        Your cheeks become bright red as you felt his finger brush your lips, your tongue sucks gently on his finger. Kankri was totally flushed; his finger sinking passed your lips. The feeling on your warm tongue licking and sucking on his finger made his urges to grow rapidly.
He pins you to the wall, his lips roughly press against yours. His tongue asking for entrance, forming fists with your hands they grant his wish. Allowing his tongue to slide passed your lips, melting into the passionate kiss. You felt as if you were wrapped in light, Kankri and you separated for air, saliva connecting you two.
           You felt a little dirty, but it felt good to you. The sinful pleasures tightening your chest. Never before did you even thing about doing such a thing with Kankri. He was much older and experienced than you could ever be, lest you are sure he’s not a virgin… was he?  You felt Kankri’s hand travel under your shirt; his hand was always so warm. Almost like the sun on a hot summer day. His fingers slowly unhook your bra, you gasp Kankri pulls you into another wet kiss.  Kankri’s free hand slowly reached for the stove, turning it off.
             Kankri lefts you up bridal style, you were blushing fiddling with your hair, kissing your forehead gently he lays you down his bed. Your stomach filled with butterflies, your body bubbling with nervousness. You quietly take a deep breath, hoping Kankri didn't notice how nervous and unsure you felt. You could feel Kankri’s body became warmer, his hand again sliding up under your shirt. You squeak when you felt his thumb rubbing your nipple, you never really knew how sensate you were. Every touch made you tingle and squeak or gasp. Even moans passed your lips; you never knew you were able to make such a noise.
          You felt yourself stiffen as you tried your hardest to make your body refuse such pleasures. Yes you did enjoy the pleasurable touches by the warm hands of your matesprit, but you felt dirty and small. “(Insert name)…” Kankri holds your hand tightly, using his knees and free arm to support his own body from not crushing you. “Yeah Kankri…” you reply softly. “Do you want to go further…We don't have to if you don't wish for it. I wouldn't want to trigger you… Did I by any chance already trigger you? I apologize honestly it’s just that I can’t control myself sometimes-“ you couldn't help but giggle from his words, you shake your head “I’m alright… just nervous I guess. I never done this kind of stuff before… I guess you could say I’m a little bit scared…”  
                       Kankri smiles shyly “Oh, I’m glad I didn't trigger you in any way (Insert name). And you’re still a virgin I presume? Pardon if I’m wrong…” You could hint jealousy in the last few words he said. “I am…  Are-are you?” you ask with innocent eyes, his eyes filled with guilt “… No… I’m afraid I’m not…” Your heart ached a little knowing that you were not his first. “Can you tell me how your first was like…?” you ask, you tried to hide the sadness in your voice. Kankri’s eyes widen, he sighs,” She was pretty and sweet… However she was in love with someone else. But when we went to a party together someone gave us some strange drink… And then we you know… She was my first flushed crush… But of course she can never compare to you (Insert name)”
            You smile at the last part; you wrap your arms around his neck. Kissing him, allowing your tongues to dance together. “What was her name?” you were curious. “Latula Pyrope” Kankri replies plainly, you could clearly tell she didn't mean anything to him anymore..  You moan into the other kiss, Kankri began to slide of your shirt, revealing your breasts. Your face went to the brightest red possible, your arms instantly cover them,  you turn to your side closing your eyes shut. A smirk spreads across Kankri’s face, he moves closer to you, kissing your neck to your shoulder leaving a travel of saliva with a faint candy red shade to it.  “No need to be shy (Insert name), your mine now. Besides your body is beautiful ,” He whispers in your ear, you shiver from his hot breath brushing against your neck and cheek. Kankri gently sits you up, you soon regret wearing a skirt today. He spread your legs gently, sliding his hand down your underwear.
               You were so grateful that you weren’t facing Kankri. You moan loudly, curving downward as you felt him slide a finger into you. The pain ripped through you, his finger slowly massages you, the pain still there but pleasure began to play its role. Soon he inserted another finger, teasing you. You blush, moaning “Your so mean Kankri,” you try to concentrate on not losing yourself into the pleasure. However you had to admit, Kankri was well experience. You could feel yourself tighten more, your body becoming more tense. “Relax (Insert name),” Kankri replies, sucking on your neck leaving a mark. You had your eye’s partly open, your breathing so irregular. Kankri decided to into another finger, picking up speed as well, hitting your sweet spot every time going deeper.
                          “No more fingers…” you squeak, Kankri chuckles licking and gently bitting on your ear lobe “Alright,”  You felt so embarrassed from what a squeaking wet mess you become in a matter of minutes. “Your so wet (Insert name),” Kankri whispers into your ear as he studies his fingers covered in your liquids, he slowly licks it off his fingers hungrily.  “I love you (Insert name),” Kankri smiles, staring into your eyes as he turns you back on your back. He slides down your skirt and underwear, ridding of it completely. You could hear the unzipping of pants.
              Now you were really nervous; you remember he was an alien troll. Was his sexual organs different from those of a human males? While Kankri removed his red sweater you took a peek, his pants were still on, you couldn't really see anything.  Then he lifts your lower body up, he lowers his pants to reveal a bright red tentacle. It was squirming a little. Kankri asks,” Are you ready?” Your eyes widen, but you have already passed the point of no return, gulping down. Your body tense and nervous you nod. You nail’s already digging into the bed sheets. “Loosen up a little okay,” Kankri softly replies, he pushes into you a bit roughly by accident from his impatience.
                            Pain rips up your spine as you yell out, tears streaming down your eyes. Kankri quickly licks your tears away. “Don't worry you will get use to it,” he assures you. He slowly moved in and out “Tell me when you want me to move faster or not okay.” He stares into your eyes, you blush looking away. “Hehe if your too shy just squeeze my hand then,” after a minute or two, you decided to man up. Squeezing his hand lightly, but he picked it up quickly. He began to thrust into you faster, you could feel his tentacle squirm a little. Low moans and purrs were released from Kankri’s lips, as he picked up speed and power. Each thrust becoming faster and harder every time. Your legs and arms wrapped around him as your moans louden, you never then how much pleasure you could gain from such acts.
                                     Both of you were reaching your climax, with one last powerful thrust, Kankri released into you. Mixing his red liquids with yours. Kankri and you were lost in Orgasms, Kankri lightly kissing you on your lips. “I love you more than anything in the universe (Insert name),”  Blushing you reply,” I love you too Kankri,” you still were trying to catch your breath.
0.0 why... WHY THE HELL DID I WRITE THIS!!!! UUUGH IM A MONSTER XD oh gosh *blush blush* i feel so lame and embarrassed T^T sorry im very blind nd innocent when it comes to this kind of stuff... sorry of its short hope u enjoy Dx and i will go to a corner and cry a little :p so awkward writing this right in front of ur parents
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Striders-are-sexy Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
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