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June 6, 2013
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Kagamine Len x Reader PROJECT T.L (True Love) Part one

Your eyes were glued to the TV, your mouth agape and breath held. It was an audition commercial for the best group ever in Japan. Vocaliods~ you spaz out in front of the TV, waving your arms around and giggling. You quickly write down the phone number, and address, and date of the audition. Leaping to the kitchen you slam the paper down the table, tour parent’s eyes fell down to see what was written on the piece of paper. “Can I please go! I’ll do anything! Annnny thing!!!!” you fall to the floor begging, your parents simply chuckle,” Oh (Insert name)! Sure, there’s no hurt in trying to go I suppose, “your Mother replies, only to be cut off by your Father “I need to think about this…” Your hope of going to the audition was fading away quickly, you knew your father was going to say No! You just knew it!
            You sigh taking the paper, turning around walking up the stairs and down the dark silent hall way that lead to your bedroom. Your dream was to become a singer and dancer, mostly to join the group Vocaliods. Leading flat face on your pillow, you let out a long sigh of distress. ‘What if I did make it in!? Someone else is taking my place now…’ your pillow began to feel warm, due to the tears that dipped down your soft gentle gaze out the window. You shake your head, lifting a clench fist into the air, your eyes looking beyond the starry sky. “I’m going to the audition no matter what! I promise!”
~~~~ Time Skip three weeks and two days ~~~~
Today was the day of the Audition, your Father as you predicted said no. However this didn’t make you too sad or angry because you had already said, “Yes” to yourself. Running down the streets of your wonderful town in Osaka, you made a dash for the train that would take you, it was expensive but worth it. You had a long ride ahead of you… Not to mention two raging worried parents. You stare out the window, excitement bubbling inside you. Soon you are to perform in front of the Vocaliod crew.
              ~~~~ Time skip to audition ~~~~
         You were waiting for your turn to enter the audition room. Your eyes were wondering around the room, scanning ever girl who wanted the same thing as you did. All of them looked prettier than you, each much more experience and dressed. You weren’t ugly- however you weren’t beautiful, but the girls before you had their hair done and makeup too. They all looked like models and some were models… Were you beginning to regret coming on this way? Shaking your head you take a deep breath, hoping to calm your nerves. “Next!” was the word you heard for the last three hours of your stay, all the girls you left where crying… only two so far weren’t, they were waiting again across the room.
                You gulp down, you knew why they were crying… and you were hoping that, that won’t happen to you. Soon you were the last one left, your heart racing, dancing you could say. “Last one!” you flinch at the words, it was your time… you walk into the room. You could see them, the main Vocaliod members sitting down on a table with score sheets. Their eyes on you, you scan the table. Hatsune was smiling, Kaito waiting patiently, Rin stared at you with her hands on her face, Len however had a narrow stare. One that sent chills down your spine “Ah- Hello, I am (Insert full name)! And I’m am going to perform Butterfly on your right shoulder!” you bow waiting for them to reply. “That’s great! Do your best kay!” They all cheer you one, besides Len of course. You nod “Thank you I will…” The instrumental background of the song began playing, you blush waiting for the singing and dancing potion to begin. Seconds before it began, you roughly take the microphone. “                
             “migikata ni murasaki choucho  kisu shita kono heya no sumi de setsunai to iu kanjou wo shiru hibiku piano  fukyou waon!” You began to sing, turning and jumping. Your voice echoing the room, all their eyes widen. You made a few mistakes due to your nervousness. Putting the mic down you blush. “Um… that’s it I guess.” You waited for their response. “You’re the finalist!” they all jump up clapping; Len just remained seated with a stolid glaze. However you didn’t care about it, you were too happy to know you were a Finalist! You had a chance!  
          ~~~~~ Time skip to 20 minutes ~~~~
                 They gave us twenty minutes to practice, you watched the other two finalists closely. They were models and seemed to be born from a wealthy family.   Their bodies were more attractive too. “Alright! Let’s begin you three” Kaito claps, then sits down. “Good luck!” Ren and Hatsune cheer. Then the stage went dark, three spot lights appear above on three finalists. You wait for the music to begin. However they choose the song and had a karaoke music. You and the other Finalist pick up your mics, soon as the song began you all began dancing and singing. Course you loved the song so you forget about the audition and did it all for fun. When it was over, you knock back to the world. Not knowing if you messed up or sound terrible at all.
                       Your heart began to race as you wait for the last feedback. Did you make it? You didn’t know… Hatsune walks onto the stage “Thank you for coming but we have made our decision… Only one of you can join and that lucky person is…” The tension was driving you crazy, you just wanted her to say the winners name all ready before you go on a rampage! “(Insert full name)!!!” the two other girls gasp, their faces filled with rage as they walk away angry. Your eyes widen a gasp escaping your lips as tears pour down your cheeks. “Thank you! Thank you!” you yell bowing. Rin, Kaito, Hatsune all pat your head chuckles “Welcome to the group!” you warmly say. Len just walked out, ignoring everyone, Strange… What’s his problem, you would think but you didn’t have time to time aback that.
              Now you had to face your parents…
hope you guys like this :p ...
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