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July 27, 2013
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Hoodie x Reader S.M.Y.F (Show Me Your Face) Part 1

                                   You could hear the wind swooshing the branches at your window. You curl up under your covers trying to ignore the thundering rain and lightning. You groan throwing your (Insert favorite color) covers across the room. You sit up stretching your arms. “Meh.” was on you could say as you woke up in an unfamiliar place. You and your family had just moved to a whole new state. Your whole body ached from yesterday. Your parents, you, and the movers had worked all day and most the night to unpack everything! You quickly clean your bed and get dressed for school. Your parents must be the most carefree yet well prepared parents ever, since they already got your school uniform and schedule for you beforehand. You skip down the stairs, your heart tightens. You pick up the slip of paper on the kitchen table. “Morning sleepy head ^^ ! We hope you had a nice nights rest! Now make sure you eat properly, clean the house, go to school, and don't forget to be careful okay! Your Grandmother might stop by from time to time to see how your doing without us. Well we Love you~~~ See you when you reach Junior year!” So said the note.

                                                      You gulp, ripping the paper apart. “WHY DO I HAVE THE MOST CARELESS PARENTS EVEEEEEER!!!” You yell out. Ever since you could talk your parents would leave for days and then come back leaving you will strangers. And now they are leaving you all alone in a new state! You just became a freshmen and starting your first day of school today, worst part is your parents decided to leave you in a small town where EVERYONE knows each other! Just great! You grab your umbrella , and step out into the rain. Your house was located in a wooded area, but you didn't mind. However you decided explore the forest another day.  You ran to your new high school, all the towns people noticed you right away.. You try to ignore their stares.

                                        You soon enter the school. Like you thought it was pretty small... you sigh thinking about the huge high school your other friends were attending right this minute. You were already missing them as you walked to your first class. You step into the class room, everyone's eyes went on you. You gulp down approaching your new teacher. “Oh you must be... (Insert full name)?” She asks as her eyes flew to the list of names. “Yeah. Hello.” You nod politely. “Well welcome. There's an empty seat down there.” You give her a smile before walking to your new seat. Your eyes were staring at your hands in sadness. Then you feel a tap on your shoulder.

                            You lift your head, turning it to see who it was. It was a girl with long jet black hair and hazel eyes that could easily be mistaken for brown eyes. “Hey I'm Jane Arkensaw.”  She waves, the boy sitting in front of you turns as well “And I'm Jeff.” Jane rolls here eyes at him “Don't pay any attention to that loser.” Jane smirks teasing Jeff. You force a smile “Heh. Hi Jane Jeff” You greet them in return. Jeff wore a plain white hoodie with black jeans. He had shoulder length caramel hair and bright blue eyes.  “So you just moved here right? You got that nice house by the forest.” Jeff asks already knowing the answer. “Yup.” Jane smiles “How do you like it so far?” It's fun...” you weakly shrug “...Not liking it are you?” Jane bites her lip “No it's not that!” you exclaim blushing. “It's just you miss your old home and right?” Jeff chuckles.

                         You frown. Jane glares at Jeff “Sorry (Insert name). But I hope you like it here.” For the rest of class  you befriended Jeff and Jane.
                                             ~~~~~~~~~~  Time Skip to Lunch ~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                   You look around the lunchroom looking for an empty table. Jane sneaks up behind you, tapping you on your shoulder. You jump a little, she giggles,”Hey (Insert name)! Wanna seat with me and my other friends?” You slightly blush “Um sure... if hey don't mind.” She smiles grabbing your wrist leading you to the table. There was one empty seat “Hey (Insert name)!” Jeff cheerfully greets you. You see some new faces on the table. There was only two people out of the six people on the table that you already knew. “Oh! Guys this is (Insert name! Shes the new girl.” Jane smiles. “Hey. I'm Jack. I'm a sophomore heh. Welcome to our school.” Said a boy with jet black hair and dark blue eyes. Then a boy with longish blond hair and vibrant jade green eyes speaks,”Yo, I'm Ben. Your in my Bio class.” He smiles. You shyly wave. “And I'm Jack. But just call me Joker since we already have a Jack in this guy” A boy with narrow coffee brown eyes and spiky long dark brown hair greets you.

                                  “He-hello ms... I-I'm T-Tim...” A boy with dark brown hair and honey brown eyes shyly tips his head. “Heh come on Tim! Quite being so damn shy! Tim's a junior by the way. And Joker is  a freshmen.” Jeff teases. “I think we'll have gym together (Insert name)” Joker smirks. “Oh so this is the whole group?” you ask before opening your milk. They roll their eyes and groan,”Nope.” You tilt your head “Who's missing?” you ask. Jane looked pissed “Just this idiot. He's just ugh! Don't waste your time on his worthless ass” “Jane!” the whole group yells, Tim had a pained expression. “Sorry (Insert name). It's just our friend is … troublesome. He's just not worth trying to be with.” Jack tries to explain, you looked puzzled. “What's his name?” “Allen Williams.” Joker answers your question. “G-guys... ah-I'm sorry but can we... can we please stop talking about this...” Tim requests.

                                               Afterward you all eat your lunch and continued with your day. It was still pouring rain and thundering outside. You sigh, somewhat missing your parents. You see the whole gang walk back home, however you felt like walking alone. So you hid in the school for a good few minutes. “Hey new kid” A group of girls confront you. “Uh yeah?” you answer facing them. “Are you really friends with those freaks?” They ask you their faces shore with disgust. Angry sparks inside you “Yeah! What about it! And their not freaks!” The girls eyes widen from your outburst “Whoa whoa come down! It's just... I would stay away from them...” you  raise a eyebrow “Why?” they frown “... strange things happen with them... look in this town there are lots of people dying. And when something like that happens. Their almost never at school or anyway.  They even all live together. They bring bad luck to everyone their with” “Enough!” you yell out, then walk out of the school. Their warning drifting about your thoughts.

                                         You just kept walking, not paying any attention to where you were walking. And when you snapped out of your deep thoughts you found yourself lost in the woods. You frown looking around, everything looked the same. Th the light fog wasn't helping you at all. You try to keep calm, trying not to break down emotionally. You just kept walking,and soon enough  you found an abandoned … hospital it looks like. You thought for a moment, looking at the gray skies. “Well... bets being in the rain... I guess...” you want in, slowly wandering around the what appears to be a mental institution to you. The sky was darkening, you frown from the thought you might had to spend the night in this dump. You found a room that had an old mattress and a pink blanket. You sigh putting your backpack down and your umbrella.

                                  You lie on the mattress, closing your eyes. Trying to drift to sleep. Somehow you were able to drift to sleep.  

                POV HODDIE

                  I walk back to my place. The abandoned metal hospital.. I walk to where I would sleep at, not knowing that I would find a girl sleeping on my bed. I observe her sleeping body, she was new here since I didn't have any information on her. I kneel down, wondering if I should kill her or not. She rolls away, her innocent face was clearly visible to my eyes. I blush under my mask a little. The thundering grew louder, one so loud it so suddenly wake up the sleeping girl. You opens her eyes, sitting up. Lightning strikes, allowing her to have a clearer look at me. She gasps ready to make a run for it. I quickly grab her, covering her mouth. “SSSSSH!” I hiss as she struggles.

                                         “Knock it off I'm not gonna hurt you!” I yell, she began to calm down. I began to feel something warm dripping down my gloves. “Huh?” I whisper to myself, I turn the girl around to find her crying. For some strange reason she reminded me of Tim when we were younger.  I panic under my mask not knowing what to do. “Whoa why are you crying?! Quite it.” She rubs her tears away, trying to stop. Ruffle her hair gently “Look kid stop crying. Every things alright” I try to comfort her. Soon enough she calmed down, and we were able to sit and talk.
hey merp hope u enjoy =p
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