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January 26
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Ben DROWNED x Reader Messing Part ___

                                “Erase her memories!” Slenderman roars. Your eyes dulled with grief. As you mumble out “E-Erase... My memories?!” Ben gulps down roughly “Whoa isn't that too much!” Jack's dark blue eyes twitch in annoyance “Your vanity is too much.” You couldn't help but giggle a little bit,  You  cover my mouth. “What? What's wrong with her?” Jack asks, Ben hisses, “How dare you laugh at that!” Even Slenderman chuckled. “Slendy!?” Ben gasps, he falls on his knees. “Don't look at me! I apologize for being too beautiful!!!”

                                                               You roll your eyes “Gosh Ben your so full of yourself. Is he always like this?” You ask. Jack sigh as he nods. Slenderman groans,”Yes... this is the hell we put up with.” Ben bursts into laughter, “Hahahaha Oh did you just heard what you said!” Slenderman repeats his sentence with a pinch of annoyance. “Hell! Hell is a super hot place right heh and I'm a super hot guy! Hell couldn't take my hotness! Buahhahhaaha OOOh I'm toooo good!”

                                                 Everyone in the room facepalm themselves. “I feel so sorry for you too who have to deal with him 24/7...” Slenderman nods in disappointment. “You know what. I like this girl” Jack smirks, continuing with “She's alright I doubt she'll be any harm.” Relief fills you up from Jack's statement. Slenderman nods in agreement, while stroking his chin. “Yes, alright it's final she can stay and keep her memory.” You sigh in relief. “Thanks...” you huff. Ben smirks “Well then I see you are now going to be in our pack. So now you work under me!” you burst out laughing, “ME work for you!?”

                         Jack and Slenderman look away both going “ooooh....” you turn to them in confusing “What's with the oh?” you ask. Slenderman turns and  fumbles with his fingers “Well you see... if I don't erase your memory and throw you back to your world. The first proxy or monster you confront will be your master in order to keep you here and have your memory and safety.” Your eyes widen and jaw drops “What...? That's... uh... ugh looks like I am stuck with... that thing.”

                              Ben huffs,”Hah! You should be grateful to have such a Kind and Beautiful master.” You sigh,”Alright... looks like I'm going to have to deal with it them. Better then losing my memory.” Ben smiles and waves his index finger, a dark purple aura escaping from it. You stare confused “What are you going to do?” you try to move out of the way but your body was totally frozen. The dark aura was like a chain and it gripped your neck. You could only stare in shock and confusion.

                                   The aura melted and became silver in color. When it was totally gone you saw it was a collar, with a chain that stretched. Ben had a chain wrapped around his hand. You try to take it off but it wouldn't budge. You look at Ben and yell,”What the heck is this!?” Ben rolls his eyes smirking devilishly “It's a lease for you. So you don't run away and so It'll be easier to protect you from harm.”

                                                        “I'm guessing, no one but you, no offense, monsters can see this?” you ask, Ben nods “Yeah.” You sigh, “And I'm guessing only you can remove them...”  Ben nods, you stare hopelessly at the collar and chain. “Well... I'm going to have to get use to this...” Jack tilts his head “Whoa... you are really mello with this.”

                                      You shrug “Well I have no other choice and Ben is a close friend of my big brother. So I trust him.” Ben couldn't help but blush a little by your trusting him statement. “Well... I better take you back home (Insert name).” Ben yawns, you smile and reply,”I'll like that. Night you two” You wave Slenderman and Jack goodbye as Ben takes you home.
here it is!!! enjoy xP sorry its short!!!!
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Artkittycatforever Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014
Omfg this is me on a daily bases O_O my friends just can't handle how fabulous i am Derp Face 
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Me: AWEH HELL TO DA MUDA FUCKIN' NAWEH!!!! I AIN'T GONNA DO SHIT FOR DICK FOR YOU BEN!!!!! YOU SICK PERV!!!!!! * Metalbends my way out * Ahhh much Better
E.J.: You seriously gotta teach me how to do that someday...
Me: Ehhh....maybe.....maybe not... we'll see....
tornado263263263 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Student General Artist
the torcher
ShindaTheKitsune Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
My reply to him would've been "BEN hell didn't take you in because your 'hotness' is below their standards." XD
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